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“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. – Winston Churchill”

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Who We Are

Infinite Solution Consulting Group is an United states based professional services firm and experts in strategic enterprise transformations.

Our client diversity improves our capability for understanding your market needs and focus. We bring the innovation, ambition, and focus of high-growth startups to larger companies. To smaller organizations, we bring Fortune 100 best practices and strategies.

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What we offer


Our experienced C-suite consultants can be your confidential advisor to assist your executive leadership through these challenges to develop strategies to ensure the future success of your organization.


Our consultants can assists you through every step of this process, from creating the game plan and assisting with the execution to leading the execution.


we can provide you with ideas and implementation strategies to ensure your organization is maximizing its resources to produce the desired results.


Proper budgeting, forecasting, “what-if” scenario analysis, and other types of FPA activities are the backbone of running an effective organization and making the right business decisions for its future.

Free Consultation

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Why Us

It’s that simple. No tricks, no gimmicks, and no long-term committments. We let our work and actions sell themselves.

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Deep, in-market expertise.

Never before has our clients’ collective need been greater for a business partner that is at once versed in their industries and proficient in strategic insights.

That means knowing the technologies, the business models and the ecosystems of every client’s market — a fundamental requirement of doing business in our global economy.

We take a hands-on, collaborative approach to all our engagements and focus on developing solutions alongside our clients. It all leads to strategic client partnerships that are focused on long-term success.

Our recommendations are based on rigorous analysis, in-depth research and an understanding of the market dynamics. We don’t allow anything to compromise this disciplined, objective approach. We value facts, not assumptions.

We create a bridge that addresses the capabilities, resourcing, coordination, and cultural and accountability barriers that often prevent the realization of a good strategy’s full potential. We help translate strategies into action that leads to desired results. Because a brilliant insight is only as good as its implementation.

Meet our core Team

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Karla Bennaton

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Elvis Espinoza

Qualitative analyst

Happy Customers

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Consulting was worth a fortune to my company. I can't say enough about consulting. Consulting has completely surpassed our expectations.

Alejandro Rioja Owner at Future Sharks

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It's exactly what I've been looking for. Strategy has got everything I need.

Adam gries Former owner at OkPanda

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